What is Worship?

Our faith is constantly changing—growing and stretching as we continue to get to know God. There are so many facets of His character that are being discovered daily. As we continue on the road to knowing Jesus, we may find our faith growing without our even realizing it.
— Margaret Feinberg, His Healing Hands: Finding God in Broken Places

Worship is anything you do that declares the worth of the Lord, which deepens your relationship with Jesus, and urges others to follow after him.

That is to say, worship changes as our relationship with Jesus grows deeper.

When was the last time you went before the Lord, and just listened? Worship can be very active, with singing, fellowship, and public church services, but there comes a point where our worship must include being still, and meditating on God’s word.

Ours is a world of satellites, lasers, cell phones, and ATMs. Faxes zoom across telephone lines, and computers arrange daily schedules with supreme accuracy. Because of all these things, we have learned to demand instant results.

The tendency to try to become super Christians within a very short time is grave. It is almost as if we believe that to please God, we must become “better” quickly. However, God does not work this way.

He wants love and devotion to overflow from our hearts naturally, not forcibly, turned toward Him. We cannot hurry our way into spiritual growth. It takes time, quality time, spent with God.

This is how God weeds out old, sinful habits and replants His renewing truths within our hearts and minds. He knows that to produce maximum growth there must be maximum care and nurturing. God slowly reshapes our lives until they are molded into the image of His Son.



Worship Resources

The United Methodist Church offers more information, and has serveral resources, to expand your knowledge and practice of worpship.


Church Calendar

The church's litergical year is divided into various seasons, each with its own mood, colors, and themes.  The calendar helps guides the church's worship, celebrations, and holidays. 



The United Methodist Church recognizes two sacraments, baptism and communion. These two acts have a special place in the church because Jesus commanded them and participated in them.