Medlock - Friendship

Named after founding church member Dr. Medlock, this class is a friendly, caring group of senior adults who are active in all areas of the church. Class teachers use the Adult Bible Study Series from Cokesbury to lead weekly lessons from Scripture. Several founding members of Trenholm Road United Methodist Church still attend this class faithfully!

Singles and married couples

Ages: 70s & 80s 

Contemporary Issues

This class explores a wide variety of topics, shares ideas, and shows respect for contrasting viewpoints. Class members build their community of faith through helpfulness, laughter and prayer.

Singles and married couples

Ages: 60s, 70s & 80s 

Mike Smith
Spirit of Fellowship

This is an eclectic group that loves to pursue spiritual growth in a relaxed atmosphere. Classes feature topics on theological and social consciousness, topped with a big heaping of old-fashioned Christian love and nurturing. Lesson samples include: Reading the New Testament, Contemporary Christian Music, South Carolina Mentoring Programs and Pray Without Ceasing.

Singles and married couples

Ages: 60s & 70s 

New Life

This class enjoys creative teaching, group discussions, and a diversity of topics related to living life as a Christian in today’s world. The class seeks out new mission opportunities and for several years has supported Families Helping Families. Every Sunday we dine at Lizard’s Thicket on Forest Drive after class as well as gather periodically for a meal or concert. 

Singles and married couples

Ages: 50s, 60s & 70s 


A welcoming group of singles and couples who have a high level of acceptance of diversity of thought and a commitment to other class members. Integrity, sharing, fun, mission, and service are at the heart of the class. The members are spiritually curious and enjoy discussing individual spiritual pilgrimages with God. Discussions reflect on Scripture and modern theological writings.

Singles and married couples

Ages: 50s, 60s & 70s 


Guest teachers in this class draw the group into relating with Biblical issues and characters. Comprised of a variety of shorter, self-contained studies, this class is easy to jump into on any given Sunday.

Singles and married couples

Ages: 50s & 60s 


This class centers around Bible-based applications for everyday life, including raising children, and building relationships. They are a fun, family-oriented class that enjoys being together, whether at a class social or working on a mission project. The friendly and comfortable atmosphere will surely make anyone feel welcome.

Mostly married couples

Ages: 40s, 50s & 60s 

Friends in Faith

On Sundays this class discusses a variety of topics – spiritual, social, and relationship issues – within the framework of faith. Discussions are led by class members. The class also gets together regularly for social events and works to serve others through participation in church and community service opportunities.

Mostly married couples | Ages: late 30s & 40s


Every Sunday this class looks at selected scriptural readings and how they apply to the individuals’ own faith journey.

Singles and married couples

Ages: late 20s – late 30s